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Measuring Cylinder is a commonly used measuring tool in laboratories, usually made of transparent glass or plastic, used to measure and transfer the volume of liquids. The characteristics of this product are as follows:
Precision: Measuring Cylinder has clear graduations, which can accurately measure the required liquid volume, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of experimental results.
Versatility: The product offers various options of different capacities and shapes to adapt to the quantity and characteristics of various experimental substances, facilitating various experimental operations for researchers.
Durability: This product is made of high-quality plastic or glass materials, with good corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance, and can be repeatedly used multiple times.
Easy to clean: The product has a flat bottom and a smooth inner wall design, which is easy to clean and disinfect, ensuring the hygiene and safety of the product.
Wide application: Measuring Cylinder is widely used in various experiments, such as chemistry, biology, medicine, etc., for measuring and transferring the volume of liquids, facilitating experimental operations and observations.
In summary, Measuring Cylinder is a laboratory instrument with precision, versatility, durability, easy to clean, and wide application, suitable for various experimental operations and research needs.


Name Code VOL. Material QTY Carton Size
Medicine Cup YM-K30-M 30ml PP 5000pcs 48x23x28cm
Measuring Cylinder YM-K10-C 10ml PP 1600pcs /
YM-K25-C 25ml PP 800pcs /
YM-K50-C 50ml PP 400pcs /
YM-K100-C 100ml PP 280pcs 70.5x50x28.5cm
YM-K250-C 250ml PP 200pcs 66.5x47x47cm
YM-K500-C 500ml PP 90pcs /
YM-K1000-C 1000ml PP 80pcs /
YM-K2000-C 2000ml PP 40pcs /
Bottle Washer with colored screw cap (Green/blue/red/yellow/white) YM-K150-W 150ml PP 700pcs 71x53x64cm
YM-K250-W 250ml PP 400pcs 71x54x66cm
YM-K500-W 500ml PP 250pcs 71x54x66cm
YM-K1000-W 100ml PP 100pcs 71x53x64cm


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