CPR Mask

Model: YM-A035

Material: PVC
Size: Suitable for adult, children, infant
Components: Mask, instruction sheet, PVC gloves and alcohol pad can be optional equipped.

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CPR Mask is a medical device used for cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and artificial respiration. It is a small, portable device that is designed to cover the patient's nose and mouth during CPR, allowing for a more efficient delivery of oxygen to the lungs. CPR Masks are commonly used by first responders, healthcare professionals, and individuals trained in CPR.
CPR Masks come in different sizes and styles, but most feature a clear, flexible plastic face shield that covers the nose and mouth of the patient, as well as a one-way valve that allows the rescuer to deliver air to the patient without exposing themselves to potentially harmful substances. Some CPR Masks also come with an oxygen inlet, which allows for the delivery of oxygen to the patient during CPR.
CPR Masks are a crucial tool in emergency situations, as they help protect both the patient and the rescuer from potential contamination and allow for the delivery of air and oxygen to the lungs. They are compact and portable, making them easy to carry and store in first aid kits or emergency response bags.
Proper training and guidance on how to use CPR Masks is essential to ensure their safe and effective use. It is also important to regularly check CPR Masks for damage or wear and replace them when necessary to ensure their reliability in an emergency.


Size: Suitable for adult, children, infant


Packing: PP case and Nylon bag are available, 60pcs/ctn
Carton Size: 44.5x41x32cm

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