Anesthesia Mask

Model: YM-A010

Material: Non-toxic PVC, 100% Latex-free
Complying with biocompatible standards, Soft air cushion ensures flexibilit, air tightness and low odor. The mask is specially designed to fit comfortable on a patients‘face.This device can be used in connection with medical equipment such as anaesthetic apparatus, Ventilators, oxygen machines,hyperbaric oxygen stores, inhaled painless delivery instruments,and emergency breathing apparatus.


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An anesthesia mask, also known as a surgical mask, is a medical device used to administer anesthesia or sedation to patients during surgical procedures. It is made of soft, pliable material, such as silicone or PVC, and has a flexible seal that conforms to the patient's face to create a secure and comfortable fit. The mask is connected to an anesthesia machine that delivers a mixture of oxygen and anesthesia gases to the patient.
Anesthesia masks come in a variety of sizes to accommodate different patient populations, from infants to adults. They also come in different shapes, such as round, oval, or triangular, to fit different face shapes.
The anesthesia mask is a critical component of anesthesia delivery, as it provides a safe and effective way to deliver anesthesia to patients undergoing surgery. It is designed to minimize the risk of anesthesia-related complications, such as hypoventilation or airway obstruction, and is used in combination with other anesthesia equipment, such as a breathing circuit and a ventilator, to maintain the patient's airway and support their breathing during surgery.



Packing: 1pc/PE Bag
0 # 240pcs/ctn 46x41x32cm
1 # 240pcs/ctn 46x41x32cm
2 # 240pcs/ctn 46x41x32cm
3 # 120pcs/ctn 46x41x38cm
4 # 120pcs/ctn 46x41x38cm
5 # 140pcs/ctn 57.5x48x46cm
6 # 100pcs/ctn 57.5x48x46cm

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