Connecting Tube With Yankauer Handle

Model: YM-A007

Material: Non-toxic PVC
Advantages: Large lumen resists clogging and the transparency allows clear visualization of liquids.
Type: Plain tip / Crown tip, With / without vent
Description:Single use for adults and pediatrics. Clear, length 8" to 15", round tip with side holes, flexible or rigid, with or without tubing 6 feet (72") sterile. The requesting customer will specify the type of cannula required.

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Connecting Tube With Yankauer Handle is a medical device used for suctioning secretions and debris from the airway during surgery or other medical procedures. The device consists of a flexible connecting tube with a Yankauer handle at one end and a connector at the other end for attaching to a suction machine or collection canister.
The Yankauer handle is a rigid, straight tube with a bulbous tip that is placed in the patient's mouth or throat to suction out any secretions or debris. The handle allows for easy manipulation and control during suctioning, and the flexible connecting tube provides additional flexibility and reach.
Connecting Tube With Yankauer Handle is available in different sizes and materials to accommodate various patient needs and preferences. It is designed to be single-use and disposable, and should be properly disposed of after each use to prevent the risk of infection or cross-contamination.
Overall, Connecting Tube With Yankauer Handle is an essential medical device for effective airway suctioning during surgical or medical procedures, ensuring patient safety and maintaining optimal airway hygiene.


Size: 1/4”x1.8m, 1/4”x3.6m, 3/16”x1.8m, 3/16”x3.6m


Packing: 1pc/Blister bag, 100pcs/ctn
Carton Size: 40x33x49cm

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