Closed Suction Catheter

Model: YM-B013

Type: 24h, 72h
Size: Fr6, Fr8, Fr10, Fr12, Fr14, Fr16
Color coded control valve for easily identify sizes.
Sterilization: EO
Material: PVC, PP, ABS
Application: Used with Endotracheal tube or Tracheotomy
tube to clear bacterial buildup and reduce VAP pathogenesis.

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Closed suction catheters are medical devices used to suction secretions from the airway of patients who are unable to cough or clear their own secretions. They are typically used in intensive care units, emergency departments, and operating rooms.
Closed suction catheters consist of a flexible catheter and a reusable or disposable suction canister with a one-way valve system. The catheter is inserted through an endotracheal or tracheostomy tube and is advanced until it reaches the area where the secretions are located. The suction canister is then connected to the catheter, and suction is applied to remove the secretions.
Closed suction catheters have several advantages over traditional open suctioning methods, including reducing the risk of infection and preventing the loss of positive end-expiratory pressure (PEEP) during mechanical ventilation. They also minimize the need for disconnecting the patient from the ventilator, which can cause discomfort and increase the risk of complications.
However, closed suction catheters require special training and experience to use properly, as they may cause trauma to the airway if not used correctly. It is important to regularly assess the patient's airway and monitor for any complications during suctioning.



Packing: 1pc/ Blister bag, 200pcs/ctn
Carton Size: 74x39x36cm

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