Histology Slide Storage Cabinet

Model: YM-K1029

BASPATH series
Ext.Dim.485x480x91mm, iron material with white
powder coating
Stackable/Lockable for safety
Each unit contains 14x65-block drawers
With a total cap approx.910 pieces slides


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The "Histology Storage Cabinet" is a specialized piece of laboratory equipment designed for the storage and organization of histology slides and specimens. Histology slides are prepared tissue samples mounted on glass slides for microscopic examination.
The storage cabinet is specifically designed to provide a controlled and secure environment for storing histology slides. It typically consists of multiple drawers or compartments, each with individual slots or trays to hold and organize the slides. The cabinet may also have adjustable shelves or dividers to accommodate different slide sizes and quantities.
The cabinet is constructed using durable materials, such as stainless steel or high-quality plastic, to ensure longevity and protection of the stored slides. It is often equipped with features to prevent light exposure, dust, and moisture, which can potentially damage the slides and affect their quality.
Histology storage cabinets come in various sizes and configurations to meet different laboratory needs. Some cabinets may have a locking mechanism or additional security features to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of the stored slides. Additionally, they may include labeling options or indexing systems to facilitate easy identification and retrieval of specific slides.
Proper organization and storage of histology slides in dedicated cabinets are crucial for maintaining the quality and integrity of the specimens. It helps to protect the slides from environmental factors, such as light, humidity, and contaminants, which can affect the accuracy of microscopic examination and analysis.
It is important to follow laboratory protocols and best practices for the use and maintenance of histology storage cabinets. Regular cleaning, inspection, and monitoring of temperature and humidity levels are essential to ensure the longevity of the slides and to preserve their diagnostic value.
Histology storage cabinets are essential equipment in histopathology laboratories, research facilities, and educational institutions where histological specimens are processed and stored. They contribute to the organization, accessibility, and long-term preservation of histology slides for research, diagnosis, and education purposes.



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