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"Slides mailer" is a specific product designed for safe and secure transportation of microscope slides through mail or shipping services. It is commonly used in laboratory settings, research facilities, educational institutions, and medical organizations where slides need to be sent to other locations for analysis or consultation.
Slides mailers are typically constructed of sturdy materials such as cardboard or plastic to provide protection to the enclosed slides during transit. They are designed to hold individual slides in place and prevent them from shifting or sliding during transportation, minimizing the risk of damage.
The mailer usually consists of a rigid outer casing with slots or compartments that securely hold the slides in position. The slots are specifically designed to fit standard microscope slides, which typically measure 25 mm x 75 mm. Some mailers may have additional features such as foam padding or separators to further ensure the slides' stability and prevent contact between them.
The mailer's construction provides cushioning and shock absorption to safeguard the slides against potential impacts and vibrations during transit. It also helps protect the slides from dust, moisture, and other contaminants that could potentially compromise their quality and integrity.
Slides mailers often include a sealing mechanism, such as a secure closure or adhesive strip, to ensure the contents remain safely enclosed and protected during shipment. They may also feature labeling areas or space for inserting information about the sender, recipient, and slide contents for easy identification.
The use of slides mailers ensures the safe and efficient transport of microscope slides, maintaining their quality and integrity throughout the shipping process. It minimizes the risk of breakage, scratching, or contamination, allowing slides to arrive at their destination in optimal condition for further analysis or examination.
It's worth noting that specific features and designs of slides mailers may vary depending on the manufacturer and intended use. It is essential to choose mailers that meet the required quality standards and provide adequate protection for the slides being transported.


1pc slide


Packing: 1pc/Box, 50pcs/Carton

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