2-Way Tiemann Latex Foley Catheter

Model: YM-C005

Material: Natural latex with silicone coated
Type: Plastic valve, Rubber valve
Length: 400mm
Fr12-Fr22 Balloon Capacity: 5cc/10cc/30cc
Fr24 Balloon Capacity: 10cc/30cc
Color: Coded for visualization of size
Packing: 1pc/Blister bag, 10pcs/box, 500pcs/ctn
Carton Size: 52x42x47.5cm


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2-Way Tiemann Foley Catheter is a medical device used for urinary drainage. It is a type of Foley catheter that is designed with a curved tip, which makes it easier to navigate through the male urethra. The catheter consists of a flexible tube that is inserted through the urethra and into the bladder to drain urine.
The 2-way Tiemann Foley catheter has two channels or lumens, one for inflating the balloon that keeps the catheter in place and the other for draining urine. The balloon is inflated with sterile water once the catheter is inserted into the bladder. The catheter is made of latex or silicone, and is available in different sizes to fit the patient's anatomy.
The Tiemann Foley catheter is commonly used for patients with urinary retention or incontinence, those who are undergoing urological surgery or procedures, or those who are critically ill or immobilized. It is important to follow proper insertion and care protocols to minimize the risk of infection or injury.


Fr12-Fr22  Balloon Capacity: 5cc/10cc/30cc
Fr24  Balloon Capacity: 10cc/30cc

Carton Size: 52x42x47.5cm


Packing: 1pc/Blister bag, 10pcs/box, 500pcs/ctn

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